Power of blockchain technology to gaming world

faster, scalable, and secure platform that will allow game developers to
design, create, and sell games of their preference


Gaming DEX Launchpad

Launch your gaming with us, we will provide smarts users 

App Recorder

Record your gaming activities and earn PLC Rewards 

Playcam Store

you can buy and sell your product in our platform

Why Blockchain Gaming?

The fusion of blockchain technology and gaming holds marvelous promise for the growth of the eSports industry. Tokenized blockchain gaming will allow developers to monetize their creations and let users trade their tokens in various digital asset exchanges.

About Us

PlayCam brings the power of blockchain technology to the video and gaming world. We are doing this by creating a platform that allows developers and youtubers to earn funding by integrating PlayCam into their games or videos and allowing users to get PLC — crypto coins just by record and playing. Players can use these coins to buy games, redeem exclusive goodies or even exchange the coins into real money.